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Experience Your Wedding In A Whole New Way Through Instaprint PhotoBooth

Weddings are emotional and special. They always boast of unlimited fun and food, not to forget the gorgeous brides and handsome grooms amidst a crowd that look their best in shimmering silks and finery. When it is yours, it is even more significant. It is a very important milestone in your life and you want to cherish it for years to come. Why don’t you instagram yours?

Record the Instagrams on Your Special Day:

Gone are days of formal photography with film cameras. In this digital world, people have smart phones with good cameras, and when they get together socially – they want to take a lot of photos to cherish their memories as it is all just a click away on handy smart mobiles.

With the craze on social media platforms, everyone wants to share what they are doing every moment. And this hits an all time high during a social gathering where friends and relatives who have not met for a long time get together. You don’t have to start on how many pictures they would be clicking to share it on instagram all decked up and happy.

How would you feel if you can view each and every picture clicked casually by your guests at your wedding? There are some cool inventions out there like Instaprint which does just that and what’s more, it is a very simple and engaging process.

Set up Instaprint PhotoBooth across the venue:

An Instaprint technician gets to your venue two hours earlier and sets four sleek photobooth. They also encourage guests to take pictures on their Instagram accounts with a unique hash tag for your event and explain to them the whole process. They provide printing cards that are exclusive for your event.

At your own wedding, you will be preoccupied and tensed with all the festivity and may forget to live the moment. Stepping into your new life is a big thing for you and photos help you to relive these cherished moments. Through Instaprint anyone clicking a photo on instagram and tagging it with a unique hash tag created just for your event will get their pictures printed in customised cards in these booths.

Live streaming of instagram pictures as and when taken at the event on screens, makes it even more special for guests making them feel as an integral part in your new walk of life. They can also carry home a photo card as a memento from the event. Unlike formal photography, pictures taken by guests of the event give it a personal touch. Because they know you personally and emotionally and with their pictures they create a beautiful experience for you.

Encourage your guests to tag their pictures with the unique hash tag for your wedding by creatively including the hash tag throughout the venue in napkins, boards and other interesting places. All the photos tagged to your event are available as a slideshow after the event. They are not just photos, but a whole new experience for you and your guests.

So what are you waiting for? Visit to get started on your live instagram printing journey for your wedding!